The Routine

So I thought I would try blogging (because you know I need something else to do and blogging was really cool several years ago). It feels presumptuous to think that anybody would read anything I write so I figured I should just keep things simple and write about things I enjoy. Things like music, literature, the Bible, other articles, sports/hobbies, etc.

In my old age I have become a man who sticks to a schedule (my weekly routine is disturbingly routine). So I thought I should set up a schedule/routine for my blog. Here’s what I decided:

Mondays: Mondays are for music. I will pick a song, an artist, an album, something to do with music to talk about. I love music and I am not a big fan of Mondays, so maybe this will work out.

Tuesdays: I read some as a pastor and I am a regular at our local library, so I will give Tuesdays to talking about books.

Wednesdays: Preaching is a weekly activity for me as a pastor. I get the amazing privilege of teaching the Bible to a faithful flock on most Sundays. Spending a day writing about the Word can hopefully help in that task.

Thursdays: People are constantly posting articles to read and I rarely comment on them. I will now comment on some of them. On Thursdays.

Fridays: Growing up in Tennessee and moving to Missouri I became a big van of all things Volunteer (I stick mostly to basketball and football). I also like other sports too so I might say something about the rest of the sporting world on occasion. Things like “I heard that guy Stephen Curry is a Christian” or “Tom Brady’s a CHEATER” (you know, obvious stuff like that).

So there it is, my blog routine (have you already noticed that I use the word “so” too much in my writing, maybe I can fix that). Anyway, here’s to hoping I write something (and that somebody might occasionally read it).



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