Tuesday Books: ‘Odd Thomas’ (Dean Koontz) and why I love my local library

I just started reading the book ‘Odd Thomas’ by Dean Koontz.  This is the first book in the ‘Odd Thomas’ series which began back in 2003. He has written four to five books in this series and a mountain of other fiction novels. I have only read the first couple of chapters, but the book obviously centers around the title character of the book who can apparently interact with the dead. I have seen several of Koontz’s books in this series on the “New Releases” shelf so i thought I would go back and give the a try (starting with the first book because who reads books out of order?!) If it turns out to be good I will let you know (and probably read the others in the series).

Are you wondering why I am writing a post on a book that I have not read in a series that I have not read by an author that I have not read? (Perhaps I really don’t understand the point of blogging about books!)

Well, I chose to post about ‘Odd Thomas’ because it really is what I am currently reading and because it gives me a chance to talk about how much I love the local library. Here’s mine:

Their website

Maybe you have not visited yours in a while (or have given up visiting altogether). Maybe you just never got around to getting your library card, I mean it is a diffficult process (sarcasm font needed). Or maybe you are just too techy to fool with dusty bookshelves and actually leaving the house.  If that is you, then let me give some reasons why I love the local library:

  1. It’s free! On the back cover of my Koontz book I am told that to purchase the book I would have to fork over $26.95 to purchase the book (and even more in Canada! What’s up with that, eh?). But the local libary will let you read it for free (for two weeks anyway, and only a dime a day after that).
  2. It’s try before you buy: Let’s say I get a few more chapters in and Mr. Thomas begins to cuss like a sailor or sleep around or starts murdering everybody. Or maybe even worse, he just gets flat and boring. You know what? I have no financial obligation to keep reading! Of course, I do have that nagging principle of always feeling like I should finish a book, but if I can get over that, then returning Boring Thomas cost’s me nothing.
  3. The selection is limitless: I am fairly certain that my local library has every book in the ‘Odd Thomas’ series, not to mention forty other volumes by Koontz. That is a lot to read (and you can do the math on how much it would cost, because I don’t do math). Granted, my local library is limited in what they have on the shelves, but let me let you in on a little secret: interlibary loans. These things are amazing! You tell the libarian what book you want and they press a button and it appears through an underground tube that connects all the libraries in the world! (OK, not really, they have Superheroes that transport them from location to location via a fleet of Batmobiles). But seriously, SheBat can get you any book you want!
  4. Nostalgia: In the movie ‘You’ve got Mail’ (which I have not seen over 20 times), one of the characters writes a column for his paper about a particular model of typewriter that he loves (he later writes about independently owned bookstores as well). He likes his typewriter not so much because of the quality or efficency of the product, he likes it because of the familiarity and the connection with the past. So here’s a challenge: Go into your local library and find the oldest looking book you can find. Then look at when it was first checked out and how many times it has been checked out sense. Think about who checked it out in November of 83′ and wonder if maybe they checked it out again in the Spring of 95′. Every book has a history and when I check one out maybe I become a part of that (I know, it’s just a typewriter).

So there you have it, four good reasons for loving the local library. If you don’t have a library card, then get one. If you do, then use it (but don’t be looking for ‘Odd Thomas’ in Sikeston cause I still got that one).

This post brought to you by Frank Navasky: “Thank your, everybody.”



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