Thursday Links: ‘Eleven things pastors need to know their spouses are thinking’ (Thom Rainer)

I have a complicated relationship with links. When I scroll through my Facebook feed and note what articles people have linked to, my mind goes in a thousand directions. And when I try to decide what articles I might link to I go in a thousand more. (I started a post on this that was really confusing so I deleted it)

With that in mind, I have decided that I will simplify my criteria for my Thursday Links post: whatever article I found most interesting in the last week is the one I will post. To be sure, my research is limited (read: whatever is in my Facebook feed or someone sends me), so don’t expect too much. And by interesting I just mean, well ‘interesting’ for whatever reason.

This week’s article is from Thom Rainer’s blog, which I often find helpful for pastoral ministry.

Here’s the Link: Eleven things pastors need to know their spouses are thinking

I find this article interesting because it makes me terribly sad. Of course, their is a personal element to it, I am after all married to a pastor’s wife who has struggled with most of what he talked about at some point. But that’s not really my reason for linking it. Rather, it just makes me wonder: ‘Why do pastors wives feel so lonely?’ I can give some practical answers like he does about why this is so, but still, it just makes me sad. Every pastor’s wife by definition belongs to a community of faith, so it seems that loneliness should be a rare struggle. But it is not. It is frequent. It is number one on his list (and probably the lists of others).

I don’t have an answer for it. Some practical suggestions are offered in the comments of his post I think. But I will just say this. Encourage your pastors/ministers (we need it), but do not neglect their wives as well (because they may need it even more).



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