Friday Sports etc: Stephen Curry

I mostly watch college sports. In fact, I am not a huge fan of the professional ranks. But it’s summer, so I will post my first (and perhaps only) post on the NBA.

I am becoming a Stephen Curry fan. Here’s why:

  1. His team is winning: There I said it. I just hopped on the bandwagon! He’s in the finals (where they actually play a little defense, unlike the rest of the season). And he has a decent shot at winning them (only three games away after the overtime win last night). But it’s not just that, he’s in the finals with the Golden State Warriors.  Have they been any good since Tim Hardaway? (Were they any good when he played for them?)
  2. He came from a mid-major: Did I mention that I liked college sports? Curry was amazing at Davidson. And even though my heart pulls for a team (GO VOLS) in a major conference, actually the major conference (SEC), I appreciate the mid-majors.
  3. He’s a guard (meaning: he is shorter than most): I love it when the little guys are throwing in threes from a mile away. I also love it when they take it in amongst the trees and make them look like anything but the cedars of Lebanon. And as an aside: if you can barely dribble and shoot free throws below 60%, then you need to work on your game (I’m looking at you NBA big men, all of you).
  4. He loves his daughter: I think she is getting more post-game press than him.
  5. Apparently, he’s a Christian: Granted, we haven’t had any theological conversations (or any conversations at all), but he does profess faith in Christ.

All that to say, if I actually watched the NBA and actually pulled for a paricular player, I think it would be Stephen Curry.

(Oh, and I cannot wait until college football season starts! GO VOLS!!)



2 thoughts on “Friday Sports etc: Stephen Curry

  1. I concur with all your thoughts except for the ones concerning the University of Tennessee! I like watching Curry play and for many of the reasons that you mentioned. He uses a shooting method that has been termed the ProShot shooting method. I’ve researched it a lot and it’s got some ideas that are actually opposite to what most of us were taught but it seems clear to me it’s what the best shooters in the world are doing. I’m sold on it and I will be trying to teach my players this shooting method. Old habits die hard though so it’s going to take some time.


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