Monday Music: ‘Echoes of Eden’ (Matthew Perryman Jones)

My song for today is from Matthew Perryman Jones, you can listen to it here:

Echoes of Eden

I chose him for a couple of reasons today:

First, Glenna and I recently got to see him in concert in Nashville and it was a great show. Going in I was more familiar with his work on the Indelible Grace CDs than I was his independent work and so I did not recognize most of the songs he played (outside of the few I knew and liked). And yet, the show was still incredible because the music was so good live and his writing is strong. It was a great night and made me want to go home and grab my guitar and write songs, which always means that the show was great! At the end of the show he came back on stage for a final encore and discovered that his guitar was no longer coming through the sound system for some reason, so he unplugged it, walked out into the audience, stood up on a chair, and covered a Tom Waits tune. It was a unique moment (the chair he was standing on was right beside me). My wife recorded it on her phone and here it is (note: it was recorded by a phone, in a dark room, so turn up and just listen):

Live in Nashville

It was a very memorable performance and night!

Second, Matthew Perryman Jones is currently giving all his music away right now through Noise Trade. That’s right, over 70 songs for free! My favorite album is “Until the Dawn Appears” which is a rerecording of some of his best songs (you have to listen to ‘O Virginia’, seriously, stop reading and go listen to that song.) I also like “Throwing Punches in the dark” which is the album that ‘Echoes of Eden’ is on. Go give him a listen and if you are interested, download his entire collection here:

Entire Collection

Good stuff MPJ, thanks for all the free songs and a great night of music in the Music City! (And for inspiring my wife to record some more music, but that’s a different post)



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