Friday Sports etc: 1 of 102,455

So give this video a watch:

Alex Ellis video

(Now I really hope you can actually watch that but to be honest, I have no idea if the link worked when I published this. I blame WordPress and Facebook but not my total inability to work with code)

Well, if you got to see the video then you saw the story of Alex Ellis scoring a touchdown against Missouri last fall. They faked the field goal and threw it to Ellis over the middle for an amazing touchdown (unfortunately one of the few that we scored in the game). When Ellis ran to the back of the endzone he jumped into the stands and accidentally pulled a fan onto the field (if you missed the video, it tells the story of that fan).

So why do I like this video so much?

  1. Because GO VOLS!!! The guy’s story is awesome and I love Vol fans.
  2. Because it was my son’s first game at Neyland Stadium:

Yeah, we traveled a long way. Yeah, I was crazy tired when we got home. And yeah, we lost to Mizzou. But Isaiah loved it. And that was most important that night.

So that’s my story. Granted, I did not get dragged on the field after a touchdown, but it was memorable to me!




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