Monday Music: ‘Caravan’ (Van Morrison and The Band)

When we went to Joelton over Memorial Day weekend, my brother-in-law (Josh) and I spent some time perusing musical documentaries on Netflix. Since VH1 started airing “Behind the Music” way back in the day, I have loved such documentaries (You remember that show right? It basically went like this: band gets together, band makes it big, band gets strung out on drugs, band tries to put things back together, rinse and repeat). While killing some time, we stumbled across the documentary “The Last Waltz” which was a live recording of the last performance of “The Band.” I was introduced to these guys a few years ago by one of my deacons (hope you’re reading Brandon cause I am taking about “The Band”!) Anyway, the documentary was made by Martin Scorsese and featured The Band playing songs with several popular artitsts of the time (Neil Young, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, and several others). (I should note before going further that the documentary is a bit strange, it seems as if people were possibly ‘not themselves’ during the interview sections, apparently the seventies were weird like that).

One artist who sang with them is one of my all-time favorites: Van Morrison. I have enjoyed Van Morrison since my high school days. At some point I got in to buying old LP’s and I bought several of his. They are great (some better than others of course). I still have them all, my favorite being ‘Moondance’ which  has some great songs on it: Into the Mystic, Crazy Love, Brand New Day, and Caravan (the song he sang with The Band). You can watch his performance here: Caravan by Van Morrison and The Band

I have to admit, Van was looking a little rough on that particular night (who thought that the blue suit with the sequins was a good idea?) But his performance is great. I absolutley love it when he just puts the mic down and walks off the stage after almost falling over from his power kicks! He sang with passion, which is obvious if you watch the video, and he was a good song-writer as well (Waterdeep, you know my favorite band, covered his song ‘Whenever God shines His light on me’ on one of their albums).

Anyway, if you have never listened to any Van (besides ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ cause everybody knows that one), then give him a try. I have a few LP’s if you’d like to borrow them!



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