Tuesday Books: Odd Thomas quote (Dean Koontz)

Still reading “Odd Thomas” by Dean Koontz and I am enjoying the work so far. I have been surprised by the depth of the book and the witty banter amongst the characters (think ‘Gilmore Girls’ with murder and mystery, not that I ever watched that show). Here is a quote I found particularly interesting:

“Most people desperately desire to believe that they are part of a great mystery, that Creation is a work of grace and glory, not merely the result of random forces colliding. Yet each time that they are given but one reason to doubt, a worm in the apple of the heart makes them turn away from a thousand proofs of the miraculous, whereupon they have a drunkard’s thirst for cynicism, and they feed upon despair as a starving man upon a loaf of bread.”

Interesting thought indeed from ol’ Odd Thomas. Better get back to reading before the library starts calling (or worse, charging!)



3 thoughts on “Tuesday Books: Odd Thomas quote (Dean Koontz)

  1. Excellent quote. I find a deep cynical streak in my own heart. The book I’m reading now, A Praying Life by Paul Miller, is full of penetrating insights into the connection between cynicism and prayerlessness. That book would be a great source for some future Tuesday blog post(s), by the way!


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