Thursday Links: Kids and sports

I enjoy sports (I mean, I devoted a whole day to it on Fridays, so that should be obvious). I like playing sports (mostly basketball and golf these days, although it has been a while since I made it to the links). I like watching sports (I could watch 8-12 hours of college football on Saturdays in the Fall if I didn’t realize what a terrible waste of time that would be as a husband and father and human). I even enjoy reading and writing about sports (see Fridays).

As a parent of a growing seven year old, I have discovered a new thing I like about sports: watching/coaching my son. But as with other areas of sports, there is a danger in being a parent with a kid or kids in sports, namely making it more than it was intended to be. So today’s first link is to an article that gives some good advice on how to avoid these dangers. You can find it here:

Important words for your kids when they play sports

(HT Dan Tankersley)

The second article is a bit more controversial. To be honest, I don’t agree with everything the author says, but it is food for thought and since I read it last week I thought I would go ahead and link it here:

Should kids play sports on Sunday?

And for the record, if you disagree with the article, did you notice how I protected myself with the general statement that ‘I don’t agree with everything the author says.’ So maybe I agree with your disagreement and maybe I don’t (I know, pretty unmanly thing to do a couple of days before Father’s Day!)

Give those links a read and honor God as a parent of kids who play sports!



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