Thursday Links: ’40 Questions’ (Kevin DeYoung)

Many, many articles have been written in the last week or so responding to the Supreme Court’s deccision to legalize same-sex marriage (I am sure your Facebook feed is full of them). Although I could link to quite a few, the one that I have found most interesting and helpful in the last week is Kevin DeYoung’s post on the Gospel Coalition’s blog (which is a great place to find some really good articles). DeYoung is writing in response to professing Christians who have come out in support of same-sex marriage. He simply wants to ask them some pointed questions about what they now claim to believe. I find this helpful because I am not as concerned about the government in America as I am the church in America. I expect people who do not believe in the Bible and do not claim to be followers of Christ to support same-sex marriages. But it concerns me when so many who claim Jesus as Savior and Lord do the same.

And it raises a very important question: What do people really believe about the Bible? You will notice that many of the questions asked by DeYoung are driving at this issue. When churches in our country are filled with leaders and congregations who no longer believe in the authority of Scripture, then we have a much greater problem than anything happening in Washington. And because the Bible is clear on homosexuality being sinful, many who want to side with the culture are left questioning its truthfulness in one way or another. As believers, we need to firmly and lovingly question this approach. DeYoung’s article gives us a great place to start. You can read it here:

40 Questions


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