Monday Music: ‘Of Crows and Crowns’ (Dustin Kensrue)


I thought I would share some new music today since most of what I have shared has been older.

I started listening to Dustine Kensrue a few years ago (HT Barry Wallace) when he came out with his first solo album (he used to be in a band called Thrice) called “Please Come Home” (check out ‘Consider the Ravens’ on that album). Since then he has released a worship album that is not like most worship albums and I mean that in a good way (“The Water & the Blood”) and a Christmas album (“This Good Night is Still Everywhere”). His latest solo album is entitled “Carry the Fire” and I think it is his best release yet. There are  a number of good songs on the album, in fact, the first five songs are all great and the last few are not bad. My favorite track is ‘Of Crows and Crowns’ which you can listen to here (nice video as well):

Of Crows and Crowns

It seems like this is primarily an album of love songs that he wrote to his wife, with maybe a couple of exceptions. But I really enjoy the maturity of his writing about love and relationships (sometimes the same old pop songs get tiring to say the least). In college, I loved the ‘longing for the one’ songs, and I still enjoy them occassionally. But being married for over a decade has given me an appreciation for songs about the long haul of love, about perseverance through the difficult times, about how your love can grow so much that when you look back on your wedding day it feels like you barely knew your spouse. Relationships are beautiful in bloom, but the beauty only increases as the years pass. Kensrue captures some of that with this song (and with some others on the album as well). Good stuff. Give it a listen.


(Sorry my post is late, spent a day with the family!)


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