Thursday Links: ‘Planned Parenthood, Abortion, and the conscience of a Nation’ (Al Mohler)

We are not offended enough.

Like many, I was disgusted when I watched the video of the Planned Parenthood employee discussing the buying and the selling of human body parts. Many articles have been written in response to what she said. Some continue to defend Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry while others are crying out for justice for the unborn.

Truth is, we are not nearly offended enough. We see the video, we hear of the atrocities being committed in the name of ‘choice,’ perhaps we vote for a conservative politician, and we go back to our lives. And when I write ‘we’, I include myself. We are disgusted, we are offended, we are appalled, but not nearly enough.

Perhaps we respond like this because the tragedy is too great to comprehend. Over 55 million babies since 1973. The largest supplier of abortions in our country being funded by our taxes. Doctors discussing the harvesting of human hearts in between bites of salad and sips of wine. How do I even begin to process that? How do I begin to understand the evil involved? The whole issue is overwhelming and depressing.

Perhaps we respond like this because it seems far away. There are no abortion providers in my city and only one in my state (Missouri, and there is a reason for that!) So it is easy for me to feel isolated from the issue. It becomes a tragedy that is happening ‘out there’ and I forget that there are young mothers in my own community who are wrestling with the issue of life right now. I don’t know their names so it becomes easy to forget they are really there.

Perhaps we respond like this because the issue feels so complicated. It’s a political issue. It’s a scientific issue. It’s a rights issue. What about rape? What about medical conditions? What about the person I love who had an abortion when she was younger? Abortion is not a simple issue and this can cause us to want to ignore it all together.

But let me challenge you: don’t ignore it, don’t forget it, don’t fail to respond. How should we respond? Let me make just a few suggestions:

  1. Read the article and watch the video: Maybe you have already watched it, but I encourage you to watch it again. You can find it here: Planned Parenthood and Abortion
  2. Spend a few moments in prayer: Ask the Lord to burden others and to burden your own heart to fight for life. Weep and wail over the lives that have been lost, those that have been wounded, and those who still support the practice in our country. Pray that the gospel will be preached to those who need to hear the good news of forgiveness in Christ.
  3. Find a way to fight for life in your community: Support a Pregnancy Resource Center by giving or volunteering (if your city does not have one then consider starting one, you might be amazed at what the Lord will do), start a Bible study to think through this issue with other believers, read a book or an article about the issue and commit to discussing it with others, work in an orphanage, adopt a child (or support someone who is). On and on I could go, but here’s my point: do something! Do something to fight for life in your community.
  4. Keep preaching the gospel: Abortion is a symptom of our sin problem. And the only solution to that problem is the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection!

Before I wrote this post, I scanned through my Facebook page to see what was being discussed today. I saw a few links to articles about this topic, but not nearly enough. We move on. Life moves on. And I get that. We are disgusted in the moment, but then we settle back into normal. We are offended, yes we are offended, but I fear not nearly enough. May the Lord increase our burden as we labor in the fight for life.



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