Tuesday Books: ‘The Wingfeather Saga, books 1-4)’ (Andrew Peterson)

 Andrew Peterson is a great musician (I plan on posting some of his songs on a Monday at some point). He is also a great author. The combination of the two is rare, but it does happen (Rich Mullins was a good writer but he never wrote any fiction, at least I don’t think he did).

When Peterson came out with his first book, a children’s fiction tale about a family trying to save their world from Gnag the Nameless, I was a bit skeptical. Even after the first few chapters of the first book, I still was not sure how it was going to work out. But four books later and I am hooked. These books will make you laugh at times (Peterson has children of his own and it shows) but they will also draw you in with the coming of age story of two brothers and their young sister. Their family has been targeted by the enemy because of its history and significance. The books tell the story of their fight to survive.

My favorite individual book in the series is ‘The Monster in the Hollows’ (book 3) because it tells a compelling story that stands on its own apart from the larger story, while at the same time moving the backstory forward (which is hard to do). I would tell you more but I really don’t want to give away the plot.

The final book in the series ‘The Warden and the Wolf King’ was released last year and brought the saga to a fitting close. Without giving too much away (I hope), let me just comment on one scene that was my favorite. Janner, the eldest brother, is struggling with his own identity and his own purpose, wrestling with things like jealousy and selfishness. Peterson’s description of that battle and its resolution in the final book was worth reading the whole series for me. It is powerful and moving and the common battle of every man. Only the Maker can give us peace in that war.

If you like good fiction, then I really encourage you to give this series a try. I was amazed at just how good a gifted songwriter could write a memorable tale!



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