Friday Sports etc: First Cardinals game

Thanks to some good friends (I’m looking at you, Gary and Sue), my son Isaiah got to go to his first professional baseball game on Monday night at Busch Stadium. The Cards were squaring off against the not-so-liked Cincinnati Reds (the fans booed when Brandon Phillips came to bat, which was humorous, and probably a teaching moment I failed to use).

Isaiah was in to the game for the most part. He was a bit distracted by the continuous yelling of the vendors selling their wares (he thought they were humorous, and they were). It was a good contest. The Cardinals got down by a run but loaded the bases in the fourth inning. With two outs and a full count, Kolten Wong blasted a shot into the Cardinals’ bullpen for a grand slam! How many folks get to see a grand slam at their first game? It was great.

The Cards went on to win the game 4-1 and Isaiah especially liked the fireworks at the end, which he got to enjoy after the grand slam as well. It was hot, it rained a bit, and we didn’t get home until after 1am, but it was about the best first game a kid could have (he still hasn’t stopped talking about it). Can’t wait to take him to more!

Here’s some pics:

Watching the game (even momma enjoyed the game since she got to talk with friends the whole time, see below)

Our view from Big Mac Land (Isaiah was intrigued by the dugouts, which are kind of strange if you think about it)


Having some fun!


A great crew (Thanks again Gary and Sue, pictured left, it was Sue’s first game as well, also fun to catch up with old friends Josh and Beth and their newest addition, who wasn’t quite up for the game just yet, but his day is coming).




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