Monday Music: ‘Rich Kids’ (Judah & the Lion)

I stumbled across the band ‘Judah & the Lion’ a few years ago when someone sent me a link to their song “Sweet Tennessee” (was that you Barry Wallace?) It speaks about the joys of being raised and living in that great state (a sentiment that is near and dear to me) while also taking a shot at the state of Alabama (which is another sentiment I agree with). You can listen to it here:

Sweet Tennessee

I listened to their first couple of albums, actually EP’s, and really liked their sound and their songwriting. “First fruits” came out in 2012 and I love the song “Torn apart” on that album (which demonstrates their faith in Christ as well). Then they released the EP that included the song “Sweet Tennessee” in 2013, which was named after that song. Last year they came out with their first full-length ablbum entitled “Kids These Days.” It is a great CD, especially if you like the sounds of bands like “Mumford and Son” and “The Lumineers.” Since I love that sound, I am a big fan of their music. I even got an autographed copy of the CD:

The first release of the new album is the song “Rich Kids.” It is a good example of their sound. You can give it a listen here (along with a cool video):

Rich Kids

Hope you like them!



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