Friday Sports etc: Eric Berry returns

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In the last 10 dismal years of being a Vol fan, there have been very few things to get excited about. Watching Eric Berry play was one of them. He was great as a Vol. I remember the pick six against Tebow (which I celebrated even though we got hammered in the game) and watching expectantly for him to break the NCAA INT return yards record (he ended up just a few yards short). He played hard and hit even harder. Fun times.

He was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs and has had a good carreer so far as a pro. To be honest, I have not seen him play much because I don’t watch the NFL, but I have stumbled across a few Chiefs’ games and watched them cause I know he was playing. He was doing well, but then life, or even worse, cancer, interrupted. He was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma last December. After taking treatments, he was cleared to play this season and made his return in the pre-season matchup with the Cardinals. The picture above is him and his mother hugging before the game began. Good stuff.

I hope he has a great year. But even more than that I hope he continues to be successful in his battle with cancer and the battle of life!



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