Monday Music: ‘Build Me Up From Bones’ (Sarah Jarosz)

I love the show Austin City Limits. Some of the best live performances I have watched on TV have been from this show. Since I don’t have cable to actually watch it, I like the fact that you can go to their website and watch former performances (at least parts of them).

I was doing that once and stumbled across the artist Sarah Jarosz. I watched the videos they had of her and her band (a cello and violin player) and I was hooked. She would fall into the bluegrass genre of music, but her sound is bit more modern than typical bluegrass. She plays several instruments and the guys around her are talented as well (which makes for great live performances). Her voice is haunting and sounds great over the acoustic arrangements.

Sometimes when I watch someone play live that I like I fear that their studio albums will not represent their sound well. But this is not the case with Jarosz (how do you pronounce that?) Whoever recorded her did a great job of capturing her unique sound. At this point she has three albums and I like songs from each of them. Some of my favorites inclue: ‘Broussard’s Lament’, ‘Long Journey’ (really like this one), ‘Annabelle Lee’, ‘Over the Edge’, and ‘Build me up from bones.’ The last song is a good representation of her sound and a good place to start with her music. You can listen to it here (another great live performance, which sounds almost exactly like the CD):

Build Me Up From Bones

She is just getting started (I think she recently went off to music school somewhere) so I expect a lot more great music from her. Watch some of her live performances (like the ones from Austin City Limits, who knows you’ll probably find some other great artists there) and enjoy!



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