Thursday Links: ‘In which I paint with some bright yellows’ (Douglas Wilson)

The story of the clerk in Kentucky, Kim Davis, has been getting a lot of attention here lately and to be honest I have not paid that much attention to it myself. Based on what little I had seen, I might have thought that she should just get another job. Yet, it is hard to argue with the points made in Douglas Wilson’s article. Again, being honest, I am not sure I understand all of it, but these paragraphs seem to be the heart of it:

“The end game here is not armed revolution. The end game is simply a refusal to cooperate with their revolution. Make them fire or impeach faithful officials. Once removed, such faithful officials should run for office again with a promise to continue to defy all forms of unrighteous despotism. As one friend of mine put it, “Lather. Rinse. Repeat.”

Some might ask what the good in that would be. Wouldn’t it just result in no Christians in such positions? Perhaps, but it would be far better to have godless results enforced by the godless than to insist that the godly do it for them. It would be far better to have the “no Christians in power results” when it was actually the case that no Christians were in power. I would rather have non-Christian clerks acting like non-Christian clerks than to have Christian clerks do it for them. I mean, right?”

I can’t say that I always agree with Wilson’s writing (and as I have thought about it more I am still not sure that I agree here), but he does make some interesting points. Give the rest of the article a read here:

In which I paint with some bright yellows


HT: Barry Wallace


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