Friday Sports etc: College Football returns!!


The long hot days of not much to watch in sports are over! Scores of 18-24 year olds will be putting on their pads and storming the fields on Saturday (actually some have already started). Coaches will be roaming the sidelines, yelling things I don’t want to hear. Fans will be pulling out the colors, piling on the paint, and heading to the stadium. And the rest of us will be at home enjoying it all on the flat screen. Or if you are like me and cannot justify the cable bill, listening to it on our iPads. It’s great fun.

The Vols open the season with Bowling Green. Although they are not a power-house program and I expect us to get the win, they do have a host of returning startes on offense and could be a challenge for our mostly young DL. I have high-hopes for the Vols this year and cannot wait to hear how they look on the field (cable bill, grumble, grumble).

In honor of the new season, and since as a Vol fan I will not be talking about the playoffs that much this year (maybe next year??!!!??!), I thought I would give you my completely unprofessional picks to make the final four this year:

  1. TCU: They probably should have made it last year so everyone feels a little guilty about that. They have a good team returning and if they can avoid two losses then they should be in.
  2. Ohio State: They return like errrbody to a team that looked great at the end of the year against the mighty Crimson Tide. I doubted them and they proved me wrong. Also, they seriously got an easy schedule again. I mean does anybody see two losses in their season? (You don’t count Jim Harbaugh)
  3. Oregon: I mostly picked them because I think they will win that conference out West in a convincing enough way to secure them a spot. We have to let somebody from out there in right? UCLA? Stanford? Who knows?
  4. ????????: So being an SEC fan, I want to put someone from the conference in my playoff predictions. The problem is that I don’t know if anyone is going to make it through with only one loss. Alabama (booooo) is the obvious choice, but they have several potential losses on their schedule (like the first week against Wisconsin, not saying they will lose but they could). Perhaps Auburn could make another run? But the fighting Muschamps on D might not be quite ready to shut down the rest of the West. Maybe this is Georgia’s year to finally avoid that head-scratcher loss, but even then, I think they play both Auburn and Alabama from the West this year, so good luck with that. To be honest, it seems like the SEC could be left out of the playoffs this year. But then who do you got? Florida State? Virgina Tech? Boise State? SEMO? Who knows, but it should make for an interesting year. Since I have to pick someone, I will go with the easy pick: Crimson Tide. I know, sounds a lot like last year. But it seems like the playoffs are set up to take one team from the Big 5 conferences, so it may be similar every year. Just have to wait and see!

Oh and “GO VOLS”!!!



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