Tuesday Books: ‘Odd Hours’ (Dean Koontz)

I just finished the fourth volume in the “Odd Thomas” series by Dean Koontz entitled ‘Odd Hours.’ As with the others, I enjoyed this story and will continue to read the series. Koontz continues to develop the main character well (staying true to his character while also allowing him to change a bit from book to book) and the plot was entertaining. A couple of things to note from this book:

  • I really enjoyed one particular scene that involved the ghost of Frank Sinatra (never thought I’d write that sentence). It is a complicated situation with a couple of bad guys about to get the best of Odd Thomas when the odd one is able to involve old Blue Eyes. As strange as it all seems, the conversation that takes place between the characters and how it plays out is witty and fun. When the bad guys bring up Rod Stewart, I could not keep the smile off my face.
  • Koontz introduces a couple of new characters in this book that will continue to be involved in the series. I am interested to see the role they play in the future stories (especially since one of them seems angelic or supernatural, that always makes for interesting reading).

So I am still enjoying these books! Looking forward to reading the next one from my local library!



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