Wednesday Word: Bible Reading Plans

Most people don’t think too much about Bible reading plans unless it is December (for those who plan ahead) or January (for those who don’t, like myself). But, perhaps it is a good thing to be thinking about this time of year, in the Fall. The Summer is over, most are getting back to some kind of school routine, so why not start a new Bible reading plan now? You can go the traditional route and find a plan to read the Bible through in a year, or you could find one that takes you through the New Testament for the rest of the year, or one that focuses on the Gospels, or one that follows the book that your pastor is preaching from (like say 1 Corinthians). Whatever plan you chose, now might be a good time to start.

For 2015, I have been using the app ‘ReadingPlan’ (pictured above) for my personal Bible reading. I love the app. It lets you pick your plan (they offer many options with various approaches), pick your translation, and pick when you want to start and finish. It keeps track of what you have read and lets you know what you need to read each day, or each setting. So for example, I have been reading ‘The 5 day plan’ for 2015, which has a reading for Monday-Friday. There are no readings for the weekend (which provides good time for me to catch up when I get beheind!) I read 4-6 chapters each day (about 20 min.) and I should finish the Bible this year (if I keep with the plan). You can get the app on your phone or iPad or computer, and if you can’t find it, there are many others that you can use as well.

The truth is, most of us struggle with regular, consistent Bible study. We may do well for a while and then we get sidetracked. Having a plan is one way to try and fight these struggles. If you have tried reading the Bible through in a year in the past and failed, then try something different. Read through a book. Read through the Gospels. Read through the New Testament. Take as a long as you need. Find a plan that is realistic (maybe not 15 chapters per day) and get started. Then, when the struggle comes and you get off plan and you don’t know what to do: pick up where you left off and keep going. Who cares if it takes you two years (or more) to get through the one year plan! Just don’t listen to the enemy or to your flesh when they tell you to stop, give up, start over in January, or whatever. Just keep trying, keep reading, keep asking the Spirit for understanding and desire. I believe He answers such prayers.

Maybe now is a great time for you to start reading the Word again!



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