Monday Music: ‘Stay away from Jesus’ (Matt Papa)

I was talking with a friend (HT: Jeff Polk) the other day and he asked me if I had ever heard of Matt Papa. I told him that I knew him as the guy who blogged about Christian music and was not too big on Christian radio (a sentiment that I share). He asked me about the song ‘Stay away from Jesus’ and since I have not listened to much of Papa’s music, I told him I had never heard it. So he pulled it up on his smart phone (ahh technology) and let me hear some of it. Next time I was in front of my laptop I looked it up on Spotify to hear the whole song. It is good song with a biting message, with lyrics like these:

  • “He’ll say, ‘Take your cross and die,’ so if you want a comfy life, then stay away from Jesus.”
  • “If your happy in your stuff and 10%’s enough, then stay away from Jesus.”
  • “Let the children come and let the prideful run, The Lord, The Lord is His Name.”
  • “If you think you are the way and in control you’ll stay, then stay away from Jesus.”

Papa is taking the strong words of Jesus about being His disciple and setting them to music. It is a great idea for a song, with an obvioulsy grab-your-attention title. Give it a listen here:

Stay away from Jesus


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