Friday Sports etc: END THE STREAK! (Vols vs. Gators)

I have lived in the great state of Missouri for the last 10 years. In that time the Cardinals have won the World Series like four times, the Tigers have one the SEC East three times (meh), and the Sikeston Bulldogs won a state championship in basketball! Awesome.

And yet, there is one win in my world of sports that has escaped reality: Tennessee over Florida in football. 10 years of futility. 10 years of getting close or getting destroyed. 10 years of 0-1 to start SEC play. It is not encouraging.

For most of that time the Vols have been struggling to right the ship. Fulmer got forced out, Kiffin ran away in the night, and Dooley’s best accomplishment as the head coach at Tennessee involved his wardrobe (opportunityisnowhere). But we have hope in Butch Jones and that hope is based on more than the coaching ability of his dad (I’m looking at you Kiffin and Dooley). He has recruited well and we are at least as talented, if not more talented, than the Gators this year. We have more experience at the skill positions and have looked better than them on offense and special teams. Yet, they have a strong defense that shut down Kentucky last week (that sentence makes me laugh). Seriously though, the defense is good and our offense is still suspect, so anything could happen when we have the ball. Hard not to be nervous about that.

All in all, I think we can win and believe we should win. But we still have to actually do it (unlike the past 10 years). Come on Vols, my son Isaiah (who is seven) would like to see his first UT victory over Florida. I hope this is the year! END THE STREAK!


(Photo: the irony is not lost on me that I chose to display my Vol doormat on this post)


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