Tuesday books: ‘Jayber Crow’ (Wendell Berry)

Wendell Berry is a great poet, novelist, and author. I was introduced to him in college while taking a poetry class and since that time have seen many people talk about his work. It seems that Justin Taylor is doing a series over at The Gospel Coalition site on ‘Novels every Christian should read’ and when he asked Andrew Peterson (one of my favoirte singer/song-writers) about a novel that changed his life, he answered with Berry’s ‘Jayber Crow.’ This book is one in the series that takes place in the fictional town of Port William (now that is a good name for a town). Peterson gives a good review of the book and makes me want to read that series. And the good news, I know they have a few volumes of Berry’s work at my local library, including this book I believe (guess what I will be checking out next). You can read Peterson’s review here (and keep an eye out for more of these posts from Justin Taylor):

Andrew Peterson on Jayber Crow

(my copy of one of Berry’s books of poetry)



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