Tuesday Books: ‘Counter Culture’ (David Platt)

Knowing how to respond to the culture in the present day is vital for the followers of Christ. How do we biblically respond to poverty and pornography, orphans and abortion, sex trafficking and same-sex marriage? The simple answer is that we respond with the gospel, the good news that Jesus has come to give us victory over our sin through His death and resurrection. Our culture (read: our friends and neighbors and co-workers) need the hope that we have in Christ! The glorious message of God’s just justification of sinners through Jesus’ sacrifice is the greatest weapon we have against the darkness of our culture.

David Platt helps us think through how the gospel applies to these different areas of cultural conflict. He helps us see how the story of our redemption brings hope to the hurting and the needy, and how it compels and empowers and equips us to battle for truth and justice. Here are some good quotes:

“The gospel is the lifeblood of Christianity, and it provides the foundation for countering culture.”

“The goal of this book is not information about the gospel and social issues; it is application of the gospel to social issues. I want to explore all of these issues not with a self-righteous complacency that is content to wring our hands in pious concern, but with self-sacrificing commitment to be whoever God calls us to be, go wherever God calls us to go, give whatever God compels us to give, and serve whomever God leads us to serve.”

“In a world where everything revolves around yourself–protect yourself, promote yourself, comfort yourself, and take care of yourself–Jesus says, “Crucify yourself.”

We have been watching the video series from this book at our Church and it has been great. Just met with some fellow pastors today to begin working through the book together. Thankful for Platt’s commitment to help us think through how the gospel applies to, and counters, our culture.



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