Tuesday Books: ‘A Song of Shadows’ (John Connolly)

I posted a few weeks ago about my enjoyment of John Connolly’s Charlie Parker series. I was able to check out the latest enstallment, ‘A Song of Shadows’, from my library recently. As I noted before, the whole series is dark. As I sit writing this, it is a dreary fall day, reminding me that winter is coming soon, and it is the perfect weather for reading/writing about Charlie Parker. The series reminds me of the movie ‘Seven’ with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman (which I am not recommending). The movie has several scenes that are gloomy and dark, and the rest of them are evil and hard to watch. There is not one scene that is light. It’s like being caught in a rainstorm totally unprepared.  Before long, the cold and the wet soaks through and leaves you shivering. The Charlie Parker novels may not be as dark as that movie, but they have that same feel to them: ever encroaching darkness.

I am only about half way through ‘A Song of Shadows’ but I am thoroughly enjoying it. You may be wondering why a person even reads such novels, who enjoys such dreariness? Well, for me, I appreciate the honesty and brokenness of the main character and the ongoing mystery of the series. Once again, I find myself laughing out loud at his criminal assistants, but even then, the humor is brief and still carries a shade of grey. As you can tell from the cover, this particular book deals with survivors of Nazi Germany and the Jewish Holocaust, two of the darker realities of human history. As one tragedy leads to the next, you realize quickly that Parker is once again facing  vile enemies who will target him before it is all over. It is always interesting to see how it will all play out and how Parker’s unique abilities (and assistants) will serve him. Looking forward to see how this one will end. I assume that Parker will survive and be victorious in that regard. But I also assume that the darkness will not be defeated, not completely. I only know one Book where that happens (and it is not fiction!)

So if you are like me and you enjoy a dark mystery on a dreary fall day, then check out the lastest Parker novel.



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