Monday Music: ‘Jesus I my cross have taken’ (Indelible Grace)

Indelible Grace has been recording and producing good music for many years now. They started with their first album, “Indelible Grace”, and since then have recorded five more studio albums and a live album as well. Their approach is simple: take well-written hymns of old, write new melodies, and get great artists (Sandra McCracken, Matthew Perryman Jones, Andy Osenga, and many others) to sing and play on the recordings. Other groups have joined with them in this labor to recover old hymns for new generations and great music has been the result. They have made all their songs available with chords and sheet music at their website to encourage churches and ministries to enjoy these hymns. It is a great resource for corporate worship. You can find it here: Indelible Grace Hymnbook.

One of my favorite songs of theirs is off their second album “Pilgrim Days” (which is also my favorite album, ‘Thy Mercy’ is another favorite song of mine on that album). The song is ‘Jesus I my cross have taken’ written by Henry Lyte with new music by Bill Moore. You can read the words and learn how to play it here: Words and music. (For my Baptist readers, this song is in the Baptist Hymnal, but the melody is different and they took out some of the verses.) It was recorded by Andy Osenga on the abum, which you can listen to here: Jesus I my cross have taken.

We sang the song in our service yesterday and I was once again struck by the great lyrics:

Go, then, earthly fame and treasure,

Come disaster, scorn and pain

In Thy service, pain is pleasure,

With Thy favor, loss is gain

I have called Thee Abba Father,

I have stayed my heart on Thee

Storms may howl, and clouds may gather;

All must work for good to me.

I love the line: “I have stayed my heart on Thee.” In the midst of life’s difficulties, the great labor and the great joy of the Christian is to find rest and solace in the presence of God. You can stay your heart on Him.

The last verse rings with hope for future glory (I love the way Osenga sings/shouts these lines):

Haste thee on from grace to glory,

Armed by faith, and winged by prayer.

Heaven’s eternal days before thee,

God’s own hand shall guide us there.

Soon shall close thy earthly mission,

Soon shall pass thy pilgrim days,

Hope shall change to glad fruition,

Faith to sight, and prayer to praise.

Again, such great lines. The great hope that our pilgrim days our passing, that heaven’s eternal days are before us, and that God’s own hand shall guide us there. What amazing promises!

So check out the song and the other great music by Indelible Grace. Print off some of the music to play for yourself and to teach to others. May these great hymns be an encouragement to the church for generations to come!



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