Tuesday Books: ‘The Kraken Project’ (Douglas Preston)

I read my first Douglas Preston book several years ago when I checked out ‘Relic’ from the library, which he co-authored with Lincoln Child. I was hooked on their writing and particularly on the character of Special Agent Pendergast, one of my all-time favorite fiction characters (who will probably receive his own post at some point). Preston and Child have written over twenty books together and I have read just about all of them (at least, all of the ones that my library has). They are good at weaving history, mystery, and science fiction together to form a quick-moving plot carried out by enjoyable characters.

But the two authors have also written solo novels that are good as well. I think they are better together (mostly just because I love agent Pendergast), but their solo novels are always intriguing and well-written too. The latest by Douglas Preston is called ‘The Kraken Project.’ It involves a NASA scientist who has written some AI software for a project to explore one of the moons of Saturn. During the final testing for the project, things go crazy (read: bad wrong) and the scientist is on the run looking for help in trying to stop the potential catastrophe. I have read about a third of the novel so far and I am curious to see how it plays out.

They research well (meaning they try to avoid just making stuff up to solve a plot problem, I’m looking at you writers of ‘Lost.’) They develop their stories from several angles that all include interesting characters. And they usually provide a satisfying ending. Looking forward to seeing if that holds true with  the latest book. Give them a try and see what you think. For starters, read something with Special Agent Pendergast in it (did I mention how much I liked that character?).



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