Monday Music: ‘You set a Table’ (Kip Fox)

I was reading an article of top Christian albums for 2015 (HT: Challies) and I stumbled across Kip Fox, who was listed in the top 5. Fox did not actually release one album last year, he released four consisting of only three songs a piece (12 songs total for the year). The group was titled ‘Unheard’ and was listed as vol. 1-4. The music is mostly just him and a guitar, but they are some of the best songs that I have heard in a while. I listened to a number of tracks off of his full albums, but really preferred the acoustic offerings of the ‘Unheard’ volumes. This is mostly because the songs are just that good. The melodies are memorable and the lyrics are strong. Some of them could be used in corporate worship, while others are more personal and reflective. It is always exciting to find a new artist with great music and that is how I feel about Fox. He may not release much more like the ‘Unheard’ volumes, but I hope he does.

Since my favorite volume is the first, I decided to link to the first song of those three. It is a rewriting of Psalm 23 in such a simple, but profound way. I love the second verse and chorus:

“In the gravest valleys

I am not afraid

Of the foes around me

or the claims they make.

For you set a table before me

and prepare a feast,

You pour the wine in the presence

of my enemies.”

Nothing fancy, but a great reminder of God’s presence no matter what we are facing. I love this song (and I love the others as well, seriously take some time to check them out). Give it a listen here (the album version sounds just like this video):

You set a Table


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