Tuesday Books: Books that promote the sanctity of human life

Sunday is ‘Sanctity of Human Life Sunday’ and many Churches will be celebrating God’s gracious gift of life and promoting ministries that labor in the fight for life in our communities. In light of that, I thought I would spend the week focusing on resources that aid us in valuing life and joining in the fight.

Today, my focus is on books. I want to give a list of books that have encouraged and shaped my understanding of this issue. I am certain that there are many others, but these are the ones that have impacted me in various ways.

  1. Readings in Christian Ethics (David Clark and Robert Rakestraw) I took my first Christian ethics class in seminary and this was part of the required reading. We did not read the whole book (at least I don’t think we did), but I distinctly remember reading articles by various authors concerning the issue of abortion. I remember being surprised at the differing opinions on this subject. It exposed me to some of the approaches people take concerning abortion and helped me better understand how to respond.
  2. Adopted By God (Robert Peterson) Before my wife and I were married, while I was still teaching classes at my former Church, I led a class through this book. It is an extensive study on our spiritual adoption into the family of God through faith in Jesus’ death and resurrection. He used several stories of physical adoption that helped me see the parallels between the two (referring to them as ‘spiritual’ and ‘physical’ adoption is perhaps not accurate since they both involve aspects of the other, but the labels help us distinguish the two).
  3. Culture Shift (Albert Mohler) Mohler has greatly influenced my thinking on abortion and this is a good place to start in hearing his arguments. (I will point to his blog later in the week).
  4. Counter Culture (David Platt) I have referenced this book before and I wanted to draw your attention to it again. Platt has two chapters involving issues of life (one on abortion and one on orphan and widow care) and they are both helpful resources. We must be ‘against the world’ in our thinking about life. Platt writes to show us how this might look in our individual lives and in our churches.
  5. Adopted for Life (Russell Moore) Perhaps the best book on adoption that I am aware of. If you are even thinking about this topic, then I encourage you to read it. Maybe the best endorsement I can give it is to confess to weeping through most of it. On a few occasions I have had to sit books down to simply take in the gravity of what is being said and wrestle with my own heart or just cry out to God in praise and thanksgiving, this is one of those books. Dr. Moore also edited “A Guide to Adoption and Orphan Care”, which is a great practical guide for how to get started in these important ministries.

Again, this is a brief list, but I encourage you to read more about the sanctity of human life. Find a way to join the fight!



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