Wednesday Word: Sermons on the Sanctity of Human Life

Continuing in my effort to provide resources for Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, I want to point you to some sermons on the topic that I believe reveal the Bible’s teaching on the subject. Many great sermons about this issue are available, but I just want to point you to some that I hope will be helpful.

  1. John Piper: Piper observed Sanctity of Human Life for the majority of time that he spent at Bethlehem Baptist Church. He has numerous sermons on the issue and they can be found here: Sermons for Sanctity of Human Life.
  2. Matt Chandler: For the last few years, Chandler has done a series on prayer in January that included a sermon on the sanctity of human life. Here is the one that he preached last year (you might have seen a clip of this one): Prayer and the sanctity of human life.
  3. David Platt: Along with his book (that I mentioned yesterday), Platt has some sermons on this subject as well. You can find a couple of them here: Sermons on children and life.
  4. My own: We have celebrated Sanctity of Human Life Sunday for most of the years that I have been at Trinity. I have taken different approaches to the topic, but I try to start each year with whatever book I am preaching through at the time (since I am currently working through 1 Corinthians, I will be preaching this year on reasons to fight for life from that letter). You can listen to some of the previous ones here: TBC Sanctity of Human Life.

If you have some time this week, pick one of the above and hear what the Word has to say about the sanctity of human life!



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