Thursday Links: Good Blogs for Sanctity of Human Life

The blogosphere is full of people writing about sanctity of human life issues. Truth is, I don’t follow too many blogs these days, but I know that many good ones exist. I would like to point you to three that have helped me in knowing the truth about abortion and the value of life.

  1. Moore to the Point (Russell Moore): As with his books, Moore has become a great proponent for pro-life issues through his blog. He is currently the head of the ERLC (The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission) for the Southern Baptist Convention and I am thankful to have him as a voice for life in that capacity. I searched his blog for articles on abortion and you can find the results here: Moore on Abortion. He is a faithful supporter of adoption and you see that coming through the articles on his blog as well.
  2. Cultural Commentary from a Biblical perspective (Albert Mohler): Mohler is a great spokesman for life for the evangelical community at large. He appears on talk-shows, he writes books, he leads a seminary, and he has a good blog. He normally publishes an article each year about Roe v. Wade and the importance of Christians responding faithfully and biblically to our current culture of death. You can read the article that he posted in July 2015 concerning the Planned Parenthood videos: Response to PP videos. He is a great writer and thinker and I am thankful for his voice in our culture.
  3. Confessions of a former Planned Parenthood director (Abby Johnson): Many have heard Abby Johnson’s story of leaving Planned Parenthood to become an avid pro-life supporter. If you have not, then I encourage you to go her website and check it out. She has a ministry to help people who work for Planned Parenthood to get out of the industry, which you can check out here: And Then There Were None. She blogs occassionally at LifeSiteNews here: Abby’s blog. She has an insider’s perspective that helps people see clearly what is happening behind the closed doors of abortion clinics. And she has a great heart for those who have worked in the industry as well.

I hope you will take some time to check out these blogs and what they have to say about the fight for life!



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