Tuesday Books: FREE BOOKS!

I am a lover of free books. Especially when they are really good free books. For this reason (and a few others), I always enjoy attending Together for the Gospel. At each gathering they give away 15-20 really good books, which almost covers the price of admission to the conference, which is also really great. If you are in the ministry then I encourage you to try and attend.

And this year they are also giving away some free books before the conference (I think they did this a couple years ago as well). You can register for the giveaway here: T4G Giveaway. (Full disclosure, if you sign up by following that link then I get more entries into the contest as well….can’t blame a guy for wanting free books). They are giving away some volumes from the Christ Centered Exposition commentary set (pictured above), as well as a copy of the HCSB Study Bible. And if I understand it correctly, you don’t have to attend the conference to enter the giveaway, so even if you can’t attend you can still (maybe) get some free books. Not a bad deal!



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