Friday Sports, etc: Vols beat Kentucky and sign a good class

I haven’t been posting too much about the Vols, but they had a week that deserves some attention. On Tuesday night, the men’s basketball team came back from 21 points down to beat Kentucky. Our team is unbelievably up and down (we have beaten the teams in the top of the league and lost to some at the bottom). As frustrating as that is, it does keep you watching. I was about ready to give up on them after they gave up 14 point leads in back to back games, but the win over Kentucky was big. Hopefully they can build some momentum for the second half of league play.

And on Wednesday, Butch Jones scored another good recruiting class on NSD. It was a bit down from years past (mostly due to limitations in the size of the class), but it met some needs for the Fall and makes the years ahead look bright.

All in all, pretty good week for Vols fans!


(Oh, and almost forgot, our favorite quarterback is playing in an important game on Sunday! Go Broncos!)


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