Tuesday Books: ‘Crimson Shore’ (Preston and Child)

I have not read much fiction so far this year, but just checked out the latest Pendergast novel from Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child from the local library. Although this is the fifteenth novel in the series and things tend to start getting repetitive and predictable at that point, I am enjoying this story so far. The plot is interesting, beginning with the theft of a wine collection in a small town on the coast of Maine (I love Maine!), progressing to activities much more sinister (which I guess depends upon your affection for expensive wine). As usual, Pendergast is great. His dealings with the local sheriff are particularly enjoyable in this novel. Of course, there is history in the old town that has led to the current crimes and Pendergast and his ward, Constance (who is like 150 years old but looks like a twenty-something year old girl…long story) must put all the pieces together to figure out what is going on and catch the killers (oh and maybe recover some of the wine).

I still think Pendergast is one of my favorite modern fiction characters. Preston and Child have done a great job developing his story and it is always great to read of his new antics. I think they remain true to his character while finding interesting ways for him to act and respond in each new novel. Sherlock Holmes meets James Bond meets Dr. House, all with a New Orleans’ accent! Good stuff. Looking forward to seeing how he solves the latest mystery, confident it will be enjoyable.



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