Thursday Links: “The Task Unfinished”

I considered saving today’s post and using it on Monday since it involves music, but it is more than just music so I thought I would include it today!

Keith and Kristyn Getty (whose music you can and should listen to here) have partnered with OMF, a missionary agency that focuses on the peoples of East Asia, to promote a global event which will take place on February 21st. The idea is simple: get as many churches as possible to sing “The Task Unfinished” (an old song with a new arrangement written by the Getty’s) to promote and encourage a passion for world missions. Here are the words to the first verse:

Facing a task unfinished

That drives us to our knees

A need that, undiminished

Rebukes our slothful ease

We, who rejoice to know Thee

Renew before Thy throne

The solemn pledge we owe Thee

To go and make Thee known

You can see a map of those participating here and register your church to participate here.  The Getty’s tell the story behind the song and why they are using it for this event at the OMF website, which you can see here: OMF website. It is a great song with a great story being used to promote the greatest mission, namely the spread of the gospel to every tongue, tribe, and nation. Seems like a good idea to me!



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