Monday Music: ‘Wings to Fly’ (Plankeye)

I am a sucker for a good guitar solo. Growing up listening to 80s and 90s rock music made me vulnerable to the allure of heavy distortion and speedy riffs. Unfortunately, it was not always easy finding any decent Christian Rock during those days (some even claim that such a genre does not exist, but I beg to differ). One of my favorite bands of that genre during that time was a band by the name of Plankeye. I stumbled across them by spending hours in my local Lemstone Books listening to every tape I could find that even looked like it might have a guitar solo in one of the songs. I discovered just such a tape when I found Plankeye’s album “Spark”. It is a great rock album with several really good songs. My favorites include: ‘Open House’ and ‘So Far From Home.’ But the greatest song on the album is the almost bluesy ‘Wings to Fly.’ It is actually a simple praise song set to three chords and a funky lick. When the drums and the distortion come in hard on the chorus, you can’t help but smile. I love it.

But all of that just sets the stage for one of my favorite guitar solos of all-time. It starts low and slow, mostly just feed back, but then gradually builds and builds into pure shredding. And just when you think it is going to end, he takes it one step higher for one more run. In fact, even when they take it back to repeat the chorus, the guitarist is still wearing it out in the background. He doesn’t stop until the last chord. It is great! So if you like a little funky praise with a serious solo, you have to check this out:

Wings to Fly

We probably won’t be adding that one to our praise set anytime soon, but man I love it.



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