Tuesday Books: ‘Hey, Jack! The Big Adventure’ (Sally Rippin) and ‘You Choose’ (Sharatt and Goodhart)

My son’s school is encouraging reading this week. His teacher let my wife and I go and read to the class today. I am thankful that being a pastor allows me to do things like that! So today I got to read a couple of books to the 2nd grade. Here’s what I chose:

1. Hey, Jack! The Big Adventure: There are several books in the ‘Hey, Jack!’ series. This one tells the story of Jack going camping with his family to the beach. He wants to have an adventure, so in disobedience to his parents, he wanders into a cave and gets stuck when the tide comes in. SPOILER: He survives by getting his dog (not named Lassie) to help rescue him. Moral of the story for second graders: if you disobey your parents you will drown in a dark, scary cave! (Just kidding, or am I????)

2. You Choose: The second book I read is a conversation starting book. Each page allows the kids to choose what they want, which will hopefully get them talking about why they would choose a certain thing. For example, one page asks what job they would choose (the page is filled with pictures of people working all kinds of different jobs). When the kid answers you can talk with them about why they would want that particular job. The kids really liked this one and gave some funny answers!


It was a fun time reading to the kids and hopefully they enjoyed the books (Quick commercial, both of the above books are Usborne books that my wife sells). My hope is that each of those second graders will grow into adults who love good books! Maybe they could read my blog on Tuesdays!!



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