Monday Music: ‘Black Dress’ (The Normals)

I mentioned this song in my Top 5 Christian albums post and figured I should feature it here. Essentially this is a song about King David’s sin with Bathsheba found in 2 Samuel 11. They sing it from David’s point of view as he wrestles with whether or not to go through with his adulterous act. The lines placed in the mouth of the king reflect well the struggle that happens with lust:

“Can’t get a handle on my thoughts now,

guess I already made up my mind

He’s the soldier in my battle

and I’m the king with too much time”

He continues in the second verse:

“I’m drowing in desire,

I’ve been good for so long

I know I’ve got no right now,

but no one can tell me that I’m wrong”

In the third verse, we continue to hear David wrestling with what to do, questioning if he should just call the whole thing off. Yet, as he does, his temptation arrives, so lovely in her black dress. The song reflects well the struggle that so often happens with lust. We know it is wrong, we know we should flee, we know that we are walking towards trouble. And yet, we can’t let go of thinking about that black dress. It is a haunting song about one of the darker moments in the Bible, when the great King David, the man after God’s own heart, succombs to his temptation and plunges himself down a perilous path that leads to the murder of one of his own men. The song captures that darkness well and stands as a great reminder to where sexual temptation can lead. Give it a listen here:

Black Dress



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